Slot Machine Features – How does the Online Slot Machine work?

Fortunately, we live in such an exciting age that there are also new technologies in the field of Casino Games that serve as an adrenaline rush for our organization. It is also a huge advantage that these days the range of free-to-play games is slowly approaching an uncountable amount!

At the beginning, let’s take a look at how an online gaming machine works !

Discs, lines:

Your slot game surface is divided into reels and rows. This determines how many symbols will fit and how many fields will be present on the current slot machine. The 3×3 slot machine will have 9 fields, so that’s how many symbols will be present in your game within one spin.


Online slots also define several types of winning combinations , the most common type of which is win based on payline. Generally, online games provide between 10 and 40 paylines, each representing a unique symbol pattern.

If these winning shapes appear in your game, based on the value of the paying icons and with the participation of other extra symbols, the slot machine awards you a prize of a certain amount or even a bonus.

Cluster Pays:

Slot Machine Features

Cluster Pays is a winning connection mechanic, the beauty of which is its simplicity. Cluster winning combinations contain identical symbols , usually vertically and horizontally .

Maximum multiplier:

The primary parameter worth looking at is the slot’s max win multiplier. I don’t need to explain much, I feel it means exactly what the name suggests. Multiply the max bet amount by the winning multiplier and you will get the highest available payout on that particular slot machine.

It is possible that in the past, the highest multiplier value of 5,000x the bet was still considered good , but today there are such amazingly good options as 25,000x, 50,000x , rarely 100,000x , and even NoLimit City even can produce even more extreme max prize multipliers !!

Of course, this is accompanied by a number of other slot machine parameters that influence this data, which I will explain in more detail below.

RTP value:

The RTP value (Return To Player) for the slot machine is always determined by the game provider, its average rate is 96% , which is considered very good.

The RTP value is a so-called rate of return to players . So it is the percentage value of the total amount of money paid, which is returned to the players in the form of a cash prize during the entire lifetime of the gaming machine. The latter is important! Not in your current game, but during the operation of the slot with random payouts .


Slot Machine Features

Volatility indicates how much the slot fluctuates. In case of high volatility , the game promises bigger prizes less often , while slot machines with low variance promise frequent but smaller prizes .

Random Number Generator (RNG):

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the spice of gambling, the excitement that makes the whole genre so unpredictable .

All gambling games work with this “machine”, which is designed to ensure that no rational logarithms are present in slot machines or other casino games. RGN assures the players that online casino games cannot be manipulated , the prize is awarded to us in an absolutely unpredictable manner by the gaming machine.

The miracle of this is that it may even happen that you can take the maximum prize twice in a row, but the deck also includes the fact that you won’t win anything for weeks. Of course, this is an extreme example, but the number of possibilities is endless !

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