Getting to Jasper was very exciting as I previously mentioned because it was our last “wildlife” stop. We heard a lot about the great biodiversity in Jasper and were very focused on going out and make the most out of our few days there!


Our first night in Jasper was short lived since we got there around 7 pm meaning we did not have much daylight or time to explore. We just came from a multiple hour drive so we were all quite tired and just wanted to rest. We walked around for the remainder of daylight, got to know the town a little better and eventually headed for dinner. We ended up having dinner at Joey’s in Jasper which had lovely energy at around 9 pm! After walking off the dinner and spending some more time together we decided to call it a day and head to bed.

We woke up early the next day, bright and early, to explore as much as we could! We decided to take a drive around Jasper to see what we could find. We ended up driving around the road that goes all the way to Maligne Lake. It was an absolutely fantastic drive, we were not really aware of what we were going to find but let’s just say that we were definitely excited, to say the least! We were driving for 20 minutes seeing the beautiful landscape until we found another lake called medicine lake. This gorgeous lake was extremely calm and had such magnificent nature around it. More importantly, we ended up finding some wild mountain goats hanging out on the edge of the lake!  We didn’t spot them ourselves we just saw a multitude of cars stopping around the same spot as they passed by and it was to admire the mountain goats that were so relaxed on the side of the road!

This is one of the lovely goats that we found on the side of the road! We ended up getting really lucky with our drive as we bumped into two separate bear families! We were told not to get out of the car if they were on the road themselves and we just followed the mama bear for about 200 meters as she hiked up the road.

This is one of the bears we saw on the drive around to Maligne Lake! It was an absolutely incredible site to find such a magnificent animal just chilling and not being bothered by the fact that we were there. We did not get out of the car and followed all of the safety protocols to make sure that the animal was safe just like we were. Seeing a wild animal so up close is an experience that you might not be able to find in any other place. We were very grateful to be part of such an experience and simply could not believe that it had happened. Unfortunately for us, our trip was over after this magnificent day!

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