After spending a few days enjoying everything around Banff and visiting Lake Louise, we had had enough and decided to continue on our journey north to Jasper.

Before I get into all the wonderful things we did in Jasper, it is essential to comment on a very special part of my trip. We were lucky enough to go on a helicopter trip above Banff and see an amazing perspective of such incredible scenery! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking of taking a trip to that part of Canada, definitely save up cause it wasn’t cheap!

 Athabasca Glacier

On our way to Jasper, we decided to take a small detour to a very famous glacier called the Athabasca Glacier. Located in the middle of the Canadian Rockies this gigantic sheet of ice is most definitely a tourist destination. It was quite surprising to go through the whole tourist experience and pay so much money for something that in my opinion was overrated. We loaded onto a massive truck type vehicle with huge wheels that allowed it to travel on the ice.

This is the vehicle that transported us from the bus station right below the glacier and directly onto the glacier where we stood around for 15 minutes, drank some apparently really clean glacier water and then went back.

I guess my problem with this trip is that we paid a lot of money for quite little value. The glacier is interesting once you hear about it, but being on top of a melting glacier, while you are most likely the reason why the glacier is melting is quite shocking. All the people working at the glacier talk about how much they love the glacier and how they are sad at how quick it is receding, but they are the same ones driving these massive gas emitting vehicles. Their business plan while quite successful for the time the glacier still stands is purely based off the fact that they were able to build a business out of taking people to the glacier, and then constructed a separate structure called the “skywalk” which simply gave you more time to get hungry for lunch. Thereafter you would spend more money and leave after 4-5 hours and around 200 dollars down.

To be perfectly honest, it is not a place I would recommend someone to go, for the amount of money you spend you could get much greater value in other locations doing other activities like the ones we did in Jasper.


Finally getting to Jasper was very exciting, we had heard such incredible things especially about the nature surrounding Jasper. Both the Jasper and Banff natural parks are incredibly protected and have an incredible amount of untouched nature. This allowed all animals within the parks to have better relationships with humans given that the new generations of animals haven’t had violent interactions with humans. We had a few days in Jasper before heading to Vancouver to visit that gorgeous city.¬† Our plan in Jasper was to enjoy nature and if possible see as many wild animals as we could!

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