After deciding to travel across Canada and visit multiple landmark locations across this wonderful country, I just had to figure out where to go first!


My family was able to join me for a 10 day trip across Alberta to visit some of the most famous locations. We rented a car from Hertz and after spending a quick day in Calgary, drove straight to Banff! On our way to Banff, we stopped in Canmore as one of my friends grew up there and has been recommending it for years! 


Canmore is a gorgeous little town and was very exciting to see such a real and thriving little Canadian town right in a national park! It truly looks like something out of a vintage movie. Such a cute, small town that hasn’t been flooded with as many tourists as the actual town of Banff.

It might be hard to see in the specific picture above but the views from inside the tiny town of Canmore were absolutely incredible.  My family and I all agreed that this was a town we wish we had spent more time in. 


I had been hearing about Banff over the last 4 years and was so excited to finally arrive there. Canmore was about an hour drive away from Banff and getting to Banff was slightly disappointing. While it was significantly larger, it was also significantly more populated and as a result, flooded with tourists. Nevertheless, it also had the same magical mountain town vibe that Canmore even though it felt a little less private. I had always heard about lake Louise in the same sentence as Banff so I was expecting them to be one location.  

A random alleyway within Banff, with a gorgeous mountain poking from behind it. 

Lake Louise 

When we finally figured out that Lake Louise was approximately 70 kilometers from Banff, we decided that it had to be a whole trip of its own given all we had heard about it. Driving up to the lake is incredible, as you don’t expect there to be a semi-frozen perfect mirage in the middle of that intact mountain range. It is interesting because before seeing the lake, you are forced to see the Fairmont. I haven’t done any research on how they were able to first of all get and second of all build such a colossal piece of real estate literally less than 20 meters from the lake. 

The lake itself is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as the sun sets you are fully able to see all of the layers of mountain and snow. There is a path that allows to you walk all the way across and observe the lake and the Fairmont from all angles!  This was one of the most rewarding parts of the trip, strolling all the way back and forth looking at all the different colors of water and ice on the lake. Most definitely would recommend this trip itinerary to anyone especially if you are traveling with your family! 



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