After having such wonderful days in Jasper we decided to venture off and to see Vancouver. Vancouver itself is a pretty small city in comparison to Toronto but is from what I’ve heard absolutely beautiful as well.


The city of Vancouver is quite concentrated around the downtown area, even though I don’t believe that a large majority of the people live downtown. It is quite a small nucleus of a city when you come to think about it, Toronto’s nucleus, for example, is maybe 6-7x the size of the downtown nucleus. We did all of the touristy activities walked around Yaletown on the water, visited Gastown and the steam clock and saw Chinatown and sadly the downtown eastside. It is such a controversial yet lively street. I heard someone say that it is the most visibly drug-infested street in all of North America. That wouldn’t surprise me at all given how shocking it is even to drive through there.

Strangely enough, after being in Vancouver for a few days and enjoying everything, my youngest brother started having very strong toothaches. We decided to visit a Vancouver dentist and they were extremely helpful and found that he had a cavity in his bottom tooth.  Moving on from that experience we continued to explore around the Vancouver area and found many suburbs that were lovely to visit. Driving around Kitsilano and seeing all of the little shops, eating poke and looking at Lululemon was what one of the days consisted of. Another day we spent walking around Main street and simply seeing how people spent their days.

It really does seem like Vancouver is broken up into a variety of suburbs that separates it from the downtown area which is much like a very wealthy financial district, in my opinion. We continued exploring, visited Stanley park did a variety of hikes around the Vancouver area, we did cypress, Seymour and the much-feared grouse grind and decided to never do it again! Because once is most definitely enough!

That is basically a very tight summary of our days in Vancouver and we enjoyed our time so much that we will without a doubt return for more things! In the next blog, I will dive deeper into some more experience we had in the Vancouver area and all the fun we had! Stay tuned for more.


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